Da Nang Hi-Tech Park Wastewater Treatment Plant

   Danang Hi-Tech Park is known as the third national multi-functional hi-tech park of the country, following Hoa Lac Hi-Tech Park (Hanoi) and Saigon Hi-Tech Park (Ho Chi Minh City). Boasting a bustling pace and incredible growth, Danang in general and Danang Hi-Tech Park in particular is an attractive destination for a whole host of major investors at home and abroad. Indispensable, "Danang Hi-Tech Park Wastewater Treatment Plant", built in accordance with international standards, will certainly fulfill the task of creating a stable and sustainable industrial ecosystem.


  Constructed by Seen Tech., JSC from 17 October 2016 till 01 October 2017, "Danang Hi-Tech Park Wastewater Treatment Plant” is considered as the key construction work in the hi-tech park. Covering a total area of ​​3.02ha and featuring phase I capacity of 4500m3 of wastewater per day and night, the project consists of such items as: collection tanks, equalization tanks, clusters of clarifier tanks, clusters of aeration tanks, anoxic tanks, disinfection tanks, clusters of sludge treatment tanks, biological reservoirs, clusters of gas treatment tanks, chemical dissolution chambers, functional buildings, automation systems and automatic wastewater monitoring stations. All of these make a highly automated wastewater treatment plant, using mechanical, chemical and micro-biological technologies to treat wastewater, optimize the operation process, ensure infrastructure connection across the park and meet output quality standards in column A of QCVN 40 - National Technical Regulation on Industrial Wastewater.

Featured as one of SEEN’s “adorners of the country,” Danang Hi-Tech Park Wastewater Treatment Plant has been contributing to the development of the country’s industry, improvement and conservation of the environment in Danang Hi-Tech Park and in the region, which brings a peaceful life and sustainable future to local people in this beautiful land of tourism.

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